Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spain wins, Germany promises great future (hopefully).

And so the World Cup has come to an end. Spain won the title by beating Holland 1-0. Congratulations to Spain for winning the WC for the first time. Condolences to Holland for not winning the WC for the third time. In contrary, Germany beat Uruguay 3-2 by trailing from two goals down to win the third place. It was a more exciting game than the final but then it's all about the champions. As a Germany fan I couldn't be more proud for my favourite team for their exciting performances with most goals for a team, with the young spirit that convincingly promises bright future, with Joachim Leow as a coach, 50 years old and still in good shape, with the likes of Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Oezil, Mueller, Podolski and Klose to strengthen the team and hopefully with the next European Cup and World Cup to win. Credits for Thomas Mueller for winning the Golden Boot with five goals beating the overrated David Villa, Weisley Sneijder and Diego Forlan. Not just that, Mueller also won the Young Player of The World Cup 2010. Way to go Mueller! Surely he is the future of Germany. On the other hand, Diego Forlan of Uruguay is the Player of the Tournament or the Golden Ball winner while Spain's Iker Casillas won the Golden Glove award. It's painstaking how he managed to stop every shot that came to his goal, he is an excellent goalkeeper indeed. So long 2010, 2014 welcomes the World Cup in Brazil.

Yay Me!

Better luck next time

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And suddenly you're a fan

Yup, typical, don't know anything about football then suddenly you're a fan of Spain because you love Fernando Torres and David Villa. Aww they're so cute! You're a Potugal fan because of Cristiano f**king Ronaldo. You think he's handsome but you ignored the fact that he's a f**king show-off and annoying. I bet these people have no idea about the offside ruling. Football isn't about one man team. It's about the whole team; how they communicate, how they play, how they score, how they play the beautiful game, how passionate they are about the game, how they never give up to win the game. It's about THEM, not HIM. Good-looking player(s) in your favourite team is just a bonus. That you can enjoy:). I have supported Germany since the world cup 2002, the first time I watched the tournament. Philipp Lahm joined the national team in 2004 and started to play in World Cup in 2006. See, he's my bonus:). The next few years he will retire but Germany will still be my favourite team. F**k off bitches, when Torres and Villa are gone, you can stick your head on the ground.

Anyway, I'm sad that my dream to watch Germany lift the World Cup shattered as they lost to Spain 1-0. It's hurt to say this, but Spain deserve to win since Germany didn't play like how they played before when they beat England and Argentina with four goals each. It was impressive but they were somehow paralyzed by Spain at the semis. Agony aside, Germany will stay positive and win over Uruguay for 3rd place. Germany FTW!

It's all about the beautiful game