Monday, January 31, 2011

That feeling when you have a headache and you feel like writing something.

I had the idea to write about what I'm about to write since last night at about...I dunno, 3:00AM maybe? Since we're here now, let's get it started.

So everybody knows that your friendly neighborhood Spiderman has a new face. Meet my boyfriend Andrew Garfield, the man who will replace the one and only Tobey Maguire. As much as I hate to see Mr Maguire leaves, I am super excited to see Mr Garfield in action as the new Siperman (damn he must be super hot haha perv). You see, Mr Garfield here carries a complete package. He is good-looking, he has a nice smile, most probably he is a nice guy, he has gorgeous hair(lol?), and most importantly is that he is a great actor. Try and watch him in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. I haven't seen his other films yet so I can't tell you more. All I can say is that he's gonna do great. After all, he's the next big thing and he already gained a fair number of fans (suddenly hear fangirls screaming). Nawww I praised Mr Garfield too much his mother must be proud. But seriously, he is HOT.

Told you he has gorgeous hair...and look at that smile.
Your argument is invalid.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Windows is better than Mac?


Yep. WIN.

Herp Derp

What's next on my movie list? The Green Hornet! All eyes on Jay Chou but I got my eyes set on Seth Rogan. What? I love cute funny people. You know you do too. *rolleyes
So far I heard from reviews that the movie is worth watching. I hope they're right because I hate went out from the cinema disappointed. The last time I felt that way was after I watched Khurafat. Despite all the hype, the movie is kinda so-so or maybe it's just me. I even had a hard time feeling scared at all. I don't know about you but we all have our opinions right? After all, everyone's a critic. Back to the story, I still don't know when I'm going to watch it but it'll be soon enough that's for sure. If you've already watched the movie feel free to share yeah?
Cheers :)

p/s: Did you guys enjoy the rain? I do. Zzzzzz....

Indian Action Win!

For the record, Japan wins over Australia in the Asian Cup final by 0-1. Congratulations to Japan. Ganbatte! ( I hope I spelled it right).

Apart from that, I've just watched the most ridiculous, funniest, out of this world video ever. I want to post the video earlier but we're here now, so...Take a look, it's nine minutes long but it's guaranteed to blow your righteous mind.

SEE? WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL WAS THAT?! I'm a devoted fan of The Matrix but that is something else. I could not help myself laughing my a** off and just watch in disbelief. Seriously, that robot guy is bada**. He's like a psycho killer that just CANNOT DIE. Okay so he's bulletproof, he's like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator but what's with that rolling ball thingy? and crushing the army like bowling pins? and transforming into a snake? and a robot? and...and...haaa *cries. And why is the lady looks like Aishwara Rai? Is she Aishwara Rai? Why does Aishwara Rai is in the movie? Why does this movie is ever made? OMG so many questions I can't even...screw that, I'm gonna watch this again.


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Found this Japanese McDonald's commercial on youtube. It shows a bunch of kids getting super excited with free Spongebob Squarepants merchandise in every Happy Meal. Let me tell you something, those kids are my heroes! I mean, look at their expressions, holy mother of sweet things! I might as well get that excited Other thing is, the way it said spongebob at the end of the commercial, you know, like SPONG-GI-BO-BU! I know, I know, I'm a bad person but I know you're laughing too. You're a bad person! Trust me, I can annoy everyone in the house by saying SPONG-GI-BO-BU! a hundred times and never get bored. SPONG-GI-BO-BU!

SPONG-GI-BO-BU! (see, you're annoyed already)

Just another day

I spent one hour cleaning the toilet since no one else in the house bothers to clean it. No I'm not complaining, just doing my nice-girl-routine since it's the weekend I gotta do something productive. Oh, and I did successfully cut my two fingers with style. Anyways, today and tomorrow I faithfully decided not to do any of my assignments. I want to sit back and relax, eat, watch tv, watch po- I mean movies, watch the latest episodes of Chuck and Glee, internet surfing until my eyes sore, listen to 12.4GB music in my computer, day dreaming, thinking about the future that I'm still unsure of, go out if I have the chance, and just do nothing.
Cheers :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

A few days ago I heard on the radio that Bruno Mars is coming to Malaysia. Went home, checked out his website and bam! tickets were already sold out! So it is a fact that Malaysians love Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber...(apparently his most expensive tickets were already sold out and I'm like WTF? WTF? WTF? in disbelief).
Apart from that, I'm going for Maroon 5 concert this April.

But seriously, 'Buit Jalil?!'
Internet connection is bitching.

I'm updating my blog you fjhdshdashvgweajejszhfgvj!!!

Here we go again

I'm blogging again.

Since everyone else is blogging!

Welcome back, Farah. :)