Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paramore and Transformers 3

What are the odds? Paramore new soon to be released song Monster will be in the Transformers 3 official soundtrack! Now tell me if I'm not excited OMG I'm super excited! Uhm, forgive me for my fangirling, the track listings also includes Linkin Park's Iridescent (great song btw) and My Chemical Romance's The Only Hope For Me Is You. Also, check out other bands in the track listings, that's pretty awesome stuff right there.

01. Linkin Park - Iridescent
02. Paramore - Monster (just had to bold this part. U MAD?)
03. My Chemical Romance - The Only Hope For Me Is You
04. Taking Back Sunday - Faith
05. Staind - The Bottom
06. Art Of Dying - Get Thru This
07. Goo Goo Dolls - All That You Are
08. Theory Of A Deadman - Head Above Water
09. Black Veil Brides - Set The World On Fire
10. Skillet - Alive & Awake 
11. Mastodon - Just Got Paid 

p/s: Can't wait for both the song and the movie! 

This actually happened guise.

While I was Youtube-ing, I stumbled upon this funny interview of Adele. When I said funny it is funny, oh boy just watch them please.

p/s: Adele's laugh is adorable :)


Wewewewewewewewewewewe third week of practical! How time flies. Apparently today, me friend's car broke down in the middle of the road while we managed to get out from the car because, uhm, a lorry might hit us or something which thankfully, they did not. So I will be the one who is driving to work tomorrow. The last time I drove a car was months ago so we will see how it goes. Despite being darn tired right now I feel like writing though I am not sure if anyone is actually willing to read my blog. If anyone of you IS reading my blog, I thank you for taking your precious time reading my awesome blog. But seriously, I am so tired I should get some sleep. 

Lights off. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Did anyone notice that Blogger was down yesterday? Well, not today!

A couple of days ago I heard the song Rolling In The Deep by Adele. Realizing how cool that song is I went to Youtube to watch the official video that already has almost 60 million views! Wow, where have I been all along?! Then I decided to listen to her other songs and then I thought, might as well just download all her albums! And so I did. While her first album 19; managed to get me to sleep, her second album; 21 is just so damn good! Can I just say that she has the most amazing voice and Set Fire To The Rain is the best song I have heard in years? Yep, I declare that she is amazing and I love her. In fact, when I get the chance or in this case money I will go and buy 21 original CD. To go along with this, I did listened to some good albums lately. Especially the newest ones.

Vice and Virtues by Panic! at The Disco is definitely one of my favourite albums for 2011. Songs of choice? The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Sarah Smiles, Ready To Go.

Lenka is one of my favourite female artists and she proves her worth with her latest album TWO. This album does not lack her musical style which is catchy and cute but yet it is better than her first album. Definitely worth a listen. Songs of choice? Two, Heart Skips a Beat, Roll With The Punches. 

Okay so who does not know Avril Lavigne? Our favourite girl is now bigger and better with Goodbye Lullaby. When I said better, it is better. Everybody now go and listen to Goodbye Lullaby please. Songs of choice? What The Hell, Push, Smile.

and of course THIS;

What should I say about Adele. Hmm, power house voice, British (note that I am not against anyone who is not British I just love their accent XD), she can sing live effortlessly and give you goosebumps, and she is a quality singer that every crappy singer should learn a thing or two from her (Rebecca *cough* Selena *cough*). 21 is an amazing album I must say, maybe it is because of her vocal or just her music that soothes the ear, or maybe it is just her. Love this album. Songs of choice? Rolling In The Deep, Turning Tables, Set Fire To The Rain, Someone Like You, Rumor Has It. 

While we are here, can we just appreciate Set Fire To The Rain? 

You are allowed to push the replay button as many times you want, well, if you want to...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just sittin' here bloggin'

3rd day as a practical student! So far so good, though it is still kind of awkward being with the guys. They are all insanely good at what they are doing, I feel small! Yet, I am still learning, hopefully I know some cool stuff  before I leave. I honestly want this practical thing to be over. Lol wait for another 363245428 days bitch! I also plan to do some work out in the extra two months after practical. You know, build some muscle, have a six pack haha what. I am going to sleep as if I have never slept before. But seriously, I just want to be fitter, like I was a million years ago. Maybe I will hit the treadmill more often, or went for a jog outside, ride my sister's red bike, do a healthy dose of air guitar...etc etc. Well, we will see about that.

p/s: I miss Zac Farro :(

Just sittin' here drummin'

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memories are forever...and so is friendship

I do still remember the Diploma days, when I'm a total badass and my examination results were the bomb. Lol jk. Yet, everything's changed, I made a choice (still not sure if it is a right choice) and I'm still a happy person but there are many things or in this case people that I really miss. My friends, at London Lendu, Malacca are amazing. Each one of them are special, and every moment we had together are special. I know we haven't spend much time together after some of us left but we always try our best to keep in touch. Lately we the ex-Lendukians or Lendunians or Lendusians or or whatever went to Diploma Show. Let me tell you, they were amazing, their works, their effort, their works again (sensing some jealously tralala) were tip top. I'm genuinely proud of them and I'm proud to once be part of the tribe. lol wtf tribe? Anyways, I have some sexy photos to come with this latest blog entry.

Barbecue-ing like a boss

Happy faces

The sexy gorgeous amazing people

This guy is a cool guy

Looking sexy as ever

Sexy is legit.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So uhm okay, going to Malacca tomorrow. Attending me amigos Diploma Show. Their last year at Lendu, must be bitter sweet. Hopefully we'll have a safe journey there. Yep, that's it. 

Monday, May 2, 2011


Tried this earlier. It was fun! Yet I wish it was longer cuz it will be more fun! This is located at Empire Mall in Subang. Costs around RM12. I only paid RM6 cuz it's a group package. This slide is the biggest indoor slide in the world as far as I've known. Basically you just lay down and someone will push you down and you can feel the adrenalin rush. It's like riding a really fast convertible. I can't hardly laugh some more because the wind literally went through all over your face. Pretty good stuff, especially when you're looking for something awesome to do.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh hello there, Hayley!

I finally met Hayley Williams! Lol jk I finally got my copy of Cosmopolitan with Hayley on the cover. Costs me a fortune but it was worth it. I don't care, I love her. Honestly I also don't care about 75 sex moves men crave or whatever sex position increases my orgasm.....uhm well, moving on, here's what's inside;

The cover. Lookin' good Hayls!

I know that Hayley had been on plenty of other magazine covers but this caught my attention instantly. She's showing her sexy side telling the world that Hayley Williams is not the girl or more appropriately a woman who wears a shirt and jeans at most times can't wear a dress and still looks amazing. Apart from that, she looks stunning. I'm pretty sure any devoted paramore fans will buy this.  What's more, Hayley told Cosmo about her childhood, that she'd been bullied by bitches and running back home to her mother crying. Well well look at Hayley now girls. Apparently she did had her sweet revenge:

"We were on tour and pulled up to Sonic to grab some food, and this girl rolls up on roller skates to take our order. It was mean girl number one, " she says, clapping her hands together. "I'm with my band, feeling cocky, and I go, 'Yup, give me a corn dog!' It was the best feeling ever."