Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'll give up my sister for these guys(and a girl). XD


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Smell what's cookin'?

It's all about Ramadhan these days, since, well, it's Ramadhan. There's no doubt that when it's almost time to break fast we tend to get excited, foods are all served perfectly with drinks aside. It's pretty much like a feist, with friends(and family) around you and all the laughter, what's not to love?
So today, Ainur, Merey and Ajlaa cooked while Iqa prepared the drinks. Me? Er...I ate and washed the plates. Sorry girls, I'll help you cook next timeXD. The foods were delicious, everything was right, the fried rice, bilis goreng(masakan Merey), sardine, all served with tea; delicious:). Simple cooking but it's the taste that matters right?
I remembered once I cooked for myself at home. It was good, but later that night I was rewarded with the most ridiculous stomach ache. I guess cooking is not for me...yet.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love women who rock;

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Berita terkini: Merey makan sushi!

Ya btol! Hari ni bukak pose bersama2 makanan dari Tesco yakni sushi. X segrand Sushi King pon. Huahahaha. Merey lak pecah rekod makan sushi. Tahniah ye Merey, haha. Aku lak makan nasi kerabu pelik beli kat pasar Alor Gajah. Yang x leh blanye ikan die bagi kepale je....ish...ish...Kasihan aku. Maka, selepas sume makanan pelik2 masuk dalam perut aku, perut aku sakit balik. Padan muke.

K bye.

Nak kuar x nak kuar? Ha? Ha?

Suppose to kuar bersama rakan2 dan taulan hari nih. Tapi perut ya rabbi ya rabbi, sakitnye. Xmo naik bas sebab gerenti nanti ade acara muntah-memuntah. Itulah penangan senggugut. I hate nyah! Penah jadi skali, da fobia dah. Xmo lagi dah...waa...:(. Padahal aku yang plan nak kuar g shooting, last2 aku yang x pegi. Sangat bangang. Tapi xpe, aku da siap order McDonald's kat diorang. Smalam siap mimpi McD lagi weh. Haha. X cukup dengan tu, lagu Om Shanti Om xleh benti main kat kepala aku. Shah Rukh Khan sangat comel dalam cite tu.haha. Tetibe nak tengok cite Kuch2 Hota Hai plak, camne? So malam tadi tido pon tido mati, bangun kol 10. Plan konon nak bangun awal, tapi hampeh. Aku skang mengalami masalah x dengar alarm. Sangat bahaya. Alert! Alert! Rekod bangun lambat gi kelas makin bertambah!
Level lak sunyi sepi x ramai orang. Bilik aku tinggal aku sorang. Aku x tau mane pegi Kak Nisa menghilangkan diri. Suke camtu. Skang si Gilew masih terbongkang kat katil Kak Su x reti2 nak bangun. Bangun la weh!

K bye.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan is here.

First day of Ramadhan! Alhamdulillah...I fell asleep while watching The Nanny last night. Woke up, straight away went to the kitchen and sahur! First day of sahur, extremely sleepy. I just ate toast with scrambled egg, chili sauce and salads, a little sip of cold bitter Milo then finally a glass of mineral water. I'm gonna need more than a glass when fasting in Malacca soon. I might become dehydrated.
I can't hardly believe that it's Ramadhan already. Time travels pretty fast these days. In the next month, Syawal, the month that all Muslims have been waiting for. As for me, I can't wait to go to Sarawak meeting my Grandmother and wonderful cousins. It's been a long long time, like, almost three years now I haven't meet them. I'm excited:D.
To all Muslims I hereby sincerely wishing all of you happy fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan. May Allah forgive our sins and may He bless us. Hopefully we will become a better person for Him and for everyone else.

(p/s; thanks Peah for a short trip to the movie yesterday. GI Joe was awesome. Love is everywhere and anywhere you can find you see?:p)

K Bye.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Secret Recipe+KFC+Mamak=Birthdays

Yesterday celebrated my brother's birthday at his asrama far far away at Bentong. We ate the very delicious Secret Recipe; white chocolate macadamian along with kentucky fried chicken. My brother just got back from a hockey match. Looking tired, he's grateful that we bought him all the tasty foods. Reached home around maghrib.
Finished my assigment that night. It took surprisingly very short while, I thought it's going to take forever. Maybe I'm already good at rendering?:p

This morning I just got back from breakfast with Peah and Iba. My treat cuz it's Peah's birthday. Haven't seen her in a while. Miss her of course. Haha. She made me a delicious steak with gravy, a little salty though, but still, yummy:).

In half and hour I'm going back to my second home, the very humble uitm malacca. Back to face the impossible heat of Malacca. Back with assignments and morning classes. Back with my silly friends. Thank god for them.

K bye.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Size S is not for me

Home again. Kind of tired really. Next week is the first month of fasting month. Can't believe it's almost Ramadhan, then Syawal, which means...RAYA!!! Going back to Sarawak this time. Man I can't bloody wait! Haven't been there since like two years ago. I miss my folks there.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. Eventually my mother forgot her own son My father thought it was 7th of August.double lol. I guess when you get older you really forget things, even the most important. I'm young and I can be extremely forgetful sometimes. Is it bad? Meanwhile, tomorrow is Peah's birthday. Don't think I have the chance to meet her though. I'm just gonna call her later. Happy birthday dude!:D

Just now at the evening me and Xeera GebGeb went to Jaya Jusco. I bought some stuff, which cost me around hundred. Haha I know I'm such a sinful woman. Found this cool shirt or blouse I don't know which one. Bought it of course. Size S is not for me so I changed it to size M. Me and Xeera adored this one bag very much. RM 30 and we're out of budget. We're Art and Design students and we're 'sengkek' all the time! We went back home around 6. I reached home at 6.30 soaked in rain. Enjoyed it anyway. Mom just got back from her trip and the house is a mess.

Going back to Malacca tomorrow. Hate it because it's freakin' hot there! Come on, rain already!

K bye.

Friday, August 7, 2009


At home.

Got back from uitm a while ago. Rode a bus with Amir, Muzammer and Ila. Slept all the way until the bus reached Serdang. I'm just too tired and I haven't had my breakfast yet.The purpose of going back is to complete my photography assignment. Planning to go to Putrajaya the next day, nice scene there. Hopefully that will help. Had lunch at McDonald's. Haven't been there for quite a while. Ordered BigMac and fries with mineral water instead of coke. I need to cut out drinking too much carbonated drink. I fancied coke before but now my current obsession is cupcake!!! With Amir and Muzammir imitating our BEL lecturer's way of talk, I just couldn't stop laughing. "So naughty...."(Sorry miss:p). We snapped a couple of pictures with the most ridiculous pose then we went home sweeeeet home.

Now nobody is home, still. Listening to I'm From Barcelona. Great stuff. I want to shower. I'm feeling sleeping again. K bye.

Back in Business!

First of all; thanks Kak Nisa for lending me your broadband. I need to validate my courses and I haven't write for quite a while.

Malas mahu berbahasa inggeris maka ayuhlah kite berbahasa melayu.

Back to UiTM...assignment BERTUBI-TUBI wehhhh!!!! Kelas tiap2 isnin sampai jumaat kol 8.30 pagi. Suatu idea yang sangat tidak bernas kerana kaum2 manusia berkos Art and Design nih terkenal dengan tido lewat so pagi pon bangun lewat la jugak. Pastu gi kelas tersengguk-sengguk cam tengah berzikir lak en. Nasib baik jadual tengah hari ada gap so leh bantai tido. Then malam stay up then the cylce goes on and on. Memule sem nih ok la sket, bile da nak spai middle sem gerenti tak tido ah. Teringak lak mase part one langsung x tido siapkan drawing final yang besar gedabak toh. Takpun assignment dawai yang dengan paksa relanye melukakan tangan2 kami yang bersih dan suci nih. Tapi tu part one, kini tiada lagi. Muahaha...

Anyways, lecturer sem nih ok la sket dari sem lepas. Harap leh banyak membantu dalam mengekalkan pointerku agar terus cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang. Insyallah...
Duit pon dah banyak habis shopping kat shopping kompleks feveret Huan Yo dan Art Shop. MP DP sume nanti lah shopping. Maybe gi Tesco je kot, murah la sket.huhu.

Furthermore,(cewah...) hari tu celebrate besday Amerodden(salah eja kan?kan?) si kudut yang ke-19. Da tue da pakcik toh! Aku still muda lagi alhamdulillah:) Memandangkan ramai sangat membe besday bulan ogos aku x mampu nak bagi hadiah sebijik2 kat diorang sume. Maybe kat Peah bole kot sebab die pasangan lesbian secara sah aku:p. Adik aku aku bagi die seluar sukan kot sebab seluar sukan die slalu koyak. Tiap2 hari masuk acara lari berpagar kot aku pon x tau la adik aku nih. Begitu juga dengan sumber inspirasiku Mademoiselle Alizee Jacotey. Perancis tu jauh sangat so bukan setakat hadiah, wish pon x sampai.


Kepada adikku Faiz dan rakan2 ku Peah, Amer, Ezul, Ainnur, Atin, Kina dan sesape je lah aku ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI JADI!!!!
.....hadiah beli sendiri.....

K Bye.