Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spain wins, Germany promises great future (hopefully).

And so the World Cup has come to an end. Spain won the title by beating Holland 1-0. Congratulations to Spain for winning the WC for the first time. Condolences to Holland for not winning the WC for the third time. In contrary, Germany beat Uruguay 3-2 by trailing from two goals down to win the third place. It was a more exciting game than the final but then it's all about the champions. As a Germany fan I couldn't be more proud for my favourite team for their exciting performances with most goals for a team, with the young spirit that convincingly promises bright future, with Joachim Leow as a coach, 50 years old and still in good shape, with the likes of Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Oezil, Mueller, Podolski and Klose to strengthen the team and hopefully with the next European Cup and World Cup to win. Credits for Thomas Mueller for winning the Golden Boot with five goals beating the overrated David Villa, Weisley Sneijder and Diego Forlan. Not just that, Mueller also won the Young Player of The World Cup 2010. Way to go Mueller! Surely he is the future of Germany. On the other hand, Diego Forlan of Uruguay is the Player of the Tournament or the Golden Ball winner while Spain's Iker Casillas won the Golden Glove award. It's painstaking how he managed to stop every shot that came to his goal, he is an excellent goalkeeper indeed. So long 2010, 2014 welcomes the World Cup in Brazil.

Yay Me!

Better luck next time

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And suddenly you're a fan

Yup, typical, don't know anything about football then suddenly you're a fan of Spain because you love Fernando Torres and David Villa. Aww they're so cute! You're a Potugal fan because of Cristiano f**king Ronaldo. You think he's handsome but you ignored the fact that he's a f**king show-off and annoying. I bet these people have no idea about the offside ruling. Football isn't about one man team. It's about the whole team; how they communicate, how they play, how they score, how they play the beautiful game, how passionate they are about the game, how they never give up to win the game. It's about THEM, not HIM. Good-looking player(s) in your favourite team is just a bonus. That you can enjoy:). I have supported Germany since the world cup 2002, the first time I watched the tournament. Philipp Lahm joined the national team in 2004 and started to play in World Cup in 2006. See, he's my bonus:). The next few years he will retire but Germany will still be my favourite team. F**k off bitches, when Torres and Villa are gone, you can stick your head on the ground.

Anyway, I'm sad that my dream to watch Germany lift the World Cup shattered as they lost to Spain 1-0. It's hurt to say this, but Spain deserve to win since Germany didn't play like how they played before when they beat England and Argentina with four goals each. It was impressive but they were somehow paralyzed by Spain at the semis. Agony aside, Germany will stay positive and win over Uruguay for 3rd place. Germany FTW!

It's all about the beautiful game

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bye bye England. Enjoy your flight home :)

That's right! So much for 'The Three Lions' eh? The young Germans led by Philipp Lahm (just have to mention his name:p) teared down England's defence and hit 4 goals against one for England. England should have got two goals but the referee is a Jew and he's afraid of the Nazis so he disallowed the goal. Great job ref. Still, goals from Klose, Podolski and Muller (two for him) are enough to send England packing. Germany FTW!

Ooops, one-nil!

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's all about the Underdogs!

Surprise! Surprise! The 'Underdogs' rule! That's what happened in World Cup recently. 1998 champions France is out. So does defending champion Italy. Asian Invasion takes place as Japan and Korea triumphed to next round after series of brilliant performance. Other big teams also stumbled in group match. Spain lost to Switzerland while Germany lost to Serbia. But both teams responded well by winning their next match after the loss. Such turnaround promise 2010 World Cup will be very exciting and I can't help but wonder who will lift the golden cup for this year. (Fingers crossed; Germany!)

Not gonna happen amigos, not gonna happen...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To infinity...and beyond!

Eleven years after the Toy Story 2, this year, the franchise come to its end with the third installment. Boy, what an end it was. Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex and friends ruled as always. This time, Andy has grew up into a fine young man and he's going to college. At the age of 17, playing with toys is not fancied by him anymore. The toys got bored and demanded playtime like they used to when Andy was a kid. Fast forward to Andy packing his stuff to college, he decided to place his toys in the attic but they end up in the dumpster instead. Fast forward again, the toys found themselves at Sunnyside Daycare Center. There, more toys were introduced. Barbie meets Ken, and er, fell in love. The character Ken is one of the most fun to watch. Lotso, a pink teddy bear with a disturbed past is the daycare leader, cute and hug-gable with a strawberry scent but turned out to be an evil companion. The story revolves around Woody trying to get his buddies out from the daycare since they were battered and tortured by the kids. It was an adventure to remember with humour that tickles your funny bones and huge admiration for the toys. I really enjoyed the part where Buzz Lightyear turned 'EspaƱol'. It was hilarious! There was no part in the movie that makes you feel bored, it was fun all the way to the end. The ending however was so emotional my heart ache. I bet many left in tears. It was a good ending nevertheless. I walked out from the cinema with a smile on my face. It had been quite an amazing experience watching the toys' adventure since 1995. In 2010, the movie pulled the curtain and surely will remain forever in the history of animation.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She & Him

To be honest I don't really care about the local music scene. It's lame and boring. Sue me. But the indie scene is kinda acceptable, say, Yuna, Bunkface, and er, someone else. Talk about indie, I have my favourite indie band, outside Malaysia of course. Sue me, again. Meet 'She & Him', the band consist of a girl or more appropriately a woman(She) and a guy(Him). Talk about getting creative, epic band name FTW. 'She' is the very lovely Zooey Deschanel whom I really adore while 'Him' is M.Ward whom I have never heard of. Zooey plays the lead vocal and keyboard while M.Ward plays the guitar and occasionally sings too. Their music is catchy and enjoyable. It's pretty much like light and easy listening with a little bit of flavour added. She & Him also offers a number ballads and covers notably songs from 'The Beatles'. Fun and wonderful, one also can't take their eyes off Zooey beacause she's just too cute. 'She & Him' is definitely worth a listen and one will easily get hooked.

The definition of cute: "Zooey Deschanel"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie review: The A-Team

"...because the original plan always worked!"

The reason I went to watch this movie was because of the good reviews and I also have the tendency of watching movies if there is any good looking guys in it (note; Bradley Cooper). That's what happened with Twilight saga, the movie-50% okay 50% sucked but since Robert Pattinson's in it, I'll just deal with it. Though I could not agree more Rob was much better when he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. Ah, it was love at first sight. Vote for Cedric Diggory! (that, until he was killed). Back to The A-Team, the movie started off pretty well and the story goes on with the discovery and introduction of four US Ranger of some kind. Their mission: to catch the bad guys! Duh! This has something to do with seizing some plates used to make fake money. The movie was filled with tons of humor that will leave you genuinely laughing with ease. There's one part where some retarded armies or ex-armies were too excited when they got to watch a 3D movie and boy there you will finally learn the 'real' meaning of 3D! That scene was so hilarious I had to force myself to stop laughing since everyone else has remained silence. The plot was excellent and it flows well along the show. Not to mention the movie offered great action scenes that did not disappoint. The A-Team is a good action movie at the same it is highly enjoyable to watch. Definitely worth the pocket money.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buckle up wives and girlfriends, the World Cup is here! (which means your husbands and boyfriends will never notice you exist)

Each country in the world have different languages, but there's one language or to be exact; one word that is the same. You've guessed it- GOAL! or GOL! or GOOOLLL!!!. That's one good thing about football, everyone get together and the whole world have their eye set on the tournament, supporting their favourite teams, win or loose, there's always the cheer and despair. Another good thing is, all the tough guys out there, who think they are oh-so-cool will eventually cry because of football where some thinks it's a stupid game since 22 people combined from two competing teams all aiming and running for one round ball. Well, if football is dumb there should be any chance that other sports are dumb too right? Let's see, tennis; players hitting the ball to the opponent hoping that he or she will drop the ball or missed it. Same thing goes to badminton. How about golf? You know the rules. Golf in my opinion is the most boring sport in the world. Oh wait, golf is a type of sport? Picking my nose is way more fun! Like I said before, other than woman, sports or in this case, football; make guys cry. Ain't that highly amusing?
2010 came, and deliver with the God knows how many editions of World Cup. This year South Africa is the host nation. Vuvuzela aside (which is highly annoying and depressing), teams buckled up for bumpy ride through the finals. I have my eyes set on Germany since I have been supporting them for quite a long time. Also the fact that Philipp Lahm the captain is cute and er, short. Though the Germans lost to Serbians army yesterday with a highly sensitive referee who gave too many yellow cards for almost each one of the player from both teams and one red card for Miroslav Klose. Seriously ref, FUCK YOU! Not to mention Lukas Podolski missed the penalty! That is so not punk rock! However, until now all I see is Argentina looking super good to reach the final or to win the WC itself! I'm sorry but I really adore Lionel Messi. Awww...
Waking up late, abandoned wives and girlfriends, works postponed, lots of cheering and possibly cursing, less sleep (have I mentioned this already?) and growing health problems are some of many things that will happen during WC. I say, have fun! :D

See, told you guys can cry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To Johor we went

Got back from Johor yesterday evening. Had fun.
First arrived in JB and literally do nothing on the first day. So World Cup saved the day! Germany won 4-0 over Australia. Viva La Germany!:D
The next day had breakfast and made our way to Danga Bay but the heavy rain didn't help that much. Went to City Square which I never had the chance to explore (I'm looking for the goddam music shop!) then went to Danga Bay, again. Rain had stopped and the blue sky was mesmerizing. Took some photos and we're off to Tanjung Piai only to discovered that we got lost so plan cancelled.

Danga Bay.

At night we went to Danga Bay night market. Pretty much like Uptown but less fancy. Found some cool stuff, really cool stuff. Went back empty handed though. Had a nice walk through the night before that.

Now that's some sick stuff alright!

Final day at Johor was where all the fun really starts. Finally found Tanjung Piai without getting lost. The reason my father wanted to go there was to be at 'The Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia'. It makes you feel like; "I am at the end of the world!" Sorta thing. It was quite a place, with beautiful mangroves forest to feast the eye and stepping foot at one of the rarest place was pretty cool and historic. What is wrong with Tourism Malaysia with the no-effort to promote this awesome place!?

Vedi Vedi Vici!

As for lunch, we went to Kukup and had some nice seafood meal. Yum! Mom insisted she wanted to feel and taste the originality of 'Kluang Station's' coffee so we made our way to Kluang only to discovered that the place was closed just minutes after we arrived. Mom was truly madly deeply frustrated and so do I. Damn. Home we went with hours and hours of tiring journey. It's good to be home:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good day? Bad day?

Good day. Mon examination result? Pretty good I guess. Still on the right track though I still need to improve my pointer. Alhamdulillah for the result:). Thanks everyone. Thank God. Thanks Mak Ayah.

Bad day. Stomach ache! Vomit! Stomach ache! Vomit again. Not feeling well today. Haven't eat anything since morning. No appetite. :(

My sister recommended me to watch the new 'Karate-Kid'. I say I'll go for it! Also wan't to watch Nanny Mcphee: The Bing Bang first! Yay for movies!:D

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Holiday had started long time ago. Forgot completely about blogging. Examination result is out! I am completely scared to death! I am currently trembling. I am going to die!!!
Sarcasm aside, the student portal is currently on its 'shit-you-lembab-cam-lembu!' state. So going to check the result sooner or later.

The whole family is going to family lovey-dovey vacation next week. Can't wait! Wohoooo!