Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harry oh Harry...

I just got back from cinema. Finally watched Harry Potter with my family. I have to say, it was not that bad, really, compared to The Order of Phoenix. Half-Blood Prince was slow moving, less action, more talking, a little bit of convincing jokes. Mom fell asleep. So did daddy which is not surprising because he always did in his previous movie night out with us. In the movie I admired the effects and the part where the creepy skinny Gollum-like creature popped out from the lake. Dude, my heart stopped. By the way, the part where Dumbledore was killed was supposed to be more intriguing. Harry was actually stunned by some kind of a spell which made him completely numb he couldn't move. He was made to watch Dumbledore died he couldn't do anything and Snape was a lot meaner and the situation was more dramatic. I don't remember in the book Snape had some guilt in his very face. And where the hell is Dumbledore's funeral?! The ending by the way, was too harmonious. It was supposed to be more chaotic but oh well...

I give the movie 3 out of 5. It was a fair movie, and much more understandable if you read the book which I did. The book was awesome of course, but have you ever heard the saying save the best for last? The final instalment of Harry Potter-The Deathly Hallows is one of the best book I have ever laid my eye into. What? Twilight? Yes, Twilight series are great too. Already read all of them and I liked it a lot. Vampires are awesome, yes. But when you are talking about a piece of fine writing, much packed with amazing fantasies, brilliant plots and ideas, you wonder what kind of mind does the writer have. In this case, J.K Rowling really blew my mind. In the next ten years or so, I'm pretty sure many generations will consider Harry Potter as a piece of classic along with books like The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of The Rings.

Folks, read the book, all of them!
The movie, just a bonus for your entertainment. Can't wait till the two-part final movie comes out.

K bye.

Friday, July 24, 2009

my brother is a superhero. he's not afraid of swine flu.

H1N1 strikes! again and again. this swine flu thing is making my mother worry sick because currently my lil bro's boarding school is the next target. 60 people are feared sick. this thing surely spreads pretty fast. expecting my brother to come home immedietly, he decided not to because he don't want to miss er, what you call that thing... PESTA DURIAN.haha.seronoknye! durians are tasty.yeah.
i dunno i just think it's pretty amusing coz my mom are anxious on letting my brother hanging out with his buddies eating durian while his school is on quarantine. but that's just my brother, he's a though guy, he wears adidas, chelsea is his favourite, he came back from tesco with a hair gel, a perfume and a deodorant, he jogs to stay in shape and...he eats a lot but still maintains his flat tummy. the missing dumb bell in our house, he took it. i'm thinking when he grow up he's gonna look HOT! hahaha:p
k so my brother's coming home tomorrow, courtsey of swine flu, where you can always get a one week holiday:)

"I'm a though guy. Don't ya think so?"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009






Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm singing in the rain...kinda

It's morning! It's raining! It's cold! It's freakin' good!:D

Yeah this got to be the best morning ever! After series of dull boring morning. Today it's chilly and man, i love the smell of the rain. Too bad i can't play in the rain or neighbours will think i'm crazy. Oh yeah and the smell of my breakfast, toast with cheese on top served with erm..., 'cheap ribena'. Oh well, still yummy! Not gonna eat too much or i'll lost my precious flat tummy.haha.
Right now i'm cursing astro for the bad signal. Dude, i'm watching House and there's Tyson Ritter in it!
okay the signal's back. wee....

Monday, July 20, 2009

So...What to Do?

UiTM closed. Thanks to the current virus H1N1. What's next? H2N2? Staying at home all day is not a great idea. I get bored too easily and things to eat is not so fascinating. I can't cook duh. I can but not so can. Got it?
So, what to do?

Waking up at almost noon(almost, ok). Have breakfast, sometimes lunchfast(breakfast+lunch) and go to bath. Have my medication. Me and my medication are like lovers. We can't be apart. Later, tune in to Discovery Channel to watch Mythbusters. I LOVE the show! I feel cleverer each time after watching the show. No lies here.haha
Enjoying the new Canon EOS 400D cute. Then, Zuhur prayer.
Back to the much-loved-television, The Biggest Loser is next. Eventhough i have nothing to do with being overweight, watching people changing their lives are very exciting and inspiring.
So much for television, i have my laptop accompanying me. I enjoy surfing the internet. Vote for Alizée at Tweeterwall!!! Wee....

But hey, how about family planning?
My father already insisted that the whole family should watch the latest instalment of Harry Potter which i'm really looking forward to. So dad, THAT is a BRILLIANT idea!:D
While my mom and my sister wanted to watch both Harry Potter and Transformers.

So yeah.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cerita Zaman Kanak-kanak

Remember when you were kids di zaman2 tadika dolu2. Kalo x tadika pon skola rendah la. Ingat x game main lari dalam guni? Tipu kalo x ingat...huahuahua. My sister tadi kebetulan bercerita tentang zaman kegemilangannye di zaman kanak2 beliau. Nie kisah hidup beliau; "ko tau aku penah masuk game lari dalam guni dulu. aku menang nombor satu tau...(bangge:p). orang lain sume lompat2 aku sorang je lari. pastu kawan2 aku sume marah aku sebab aku lari. diorang kate aku main tipu. mane aci die lari....kitorang sume lompat."

Agak bangang la sebab da kate game 'LARI DALAM GUNI', asal lak xleh lari? Ha? Ha? Sape suroh diorang lompat dalam game 'LARI DALAM GUNI' bukan game 'LOMPAT DALAM GUNI'? Kan da kalah. Hahahaha.

Aku bosan, xde keje. Seronok merepek. K bye.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Perebutan Harta dan Pusaka

Ok so my sister's back from canada along with some cool stuff for us. My two brothers got this very cool shirt that'l only fit for guys(kalo x da lame aku curik:p). I got a pair of shoes, a nice blue bag and a pair of flip flops. The problem was, there were two pairs of flip flops, same brand, diffrent colour, different sizes. the blue one; slightly smaller, the purple one; PERFECT FIT! So obviously i'm not gonna choose the blue one because it's too small so i'd go with the purple one. But my other sister wants the purple one TOO because well, it's prettier. Maka kitorang pon gado la sebab die kate die da cop dulu pastu aku kate "masalahnye skang ni kaki aku besar la nenek!"(perkataan nenek hanyalah ditotok tambah ala2 amierah noor ibrahim). "Kalo aku muat pakai yang biru tu aku da lame amik la!"(kali ni xde perkataan nenek). But she wont give up the purple one and i got angry and kitorang pon gado la cam orang bodo selipar. hahaha. Bangang ke x bangang, aku dapat gak selipar purple tu sebab selipar biru tu x muat tok aku tapi muat tok kakak aku. Kan senang. :D

Pencetus segala pergaduhan:p :

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sakit kan bile sakit?

Betol, betol. Tak tipu weh. I got this crhonic skin disease(as my consultant said so) so i have to stay at home for treatment and hopefully manage to achive full recovery. I have to stay away from sunlight ala2 Edward Cullen. Tapi tu Edward Cullen. Nape aku tengok cite vampire lain vampire2 tu sume mati tebakar bile kene sunlight? Ha? Ha? Hebat sangat ke Edward Cullen tu? Anyways back to the story i have to actually stay away from the panas terik matahari kalo x...aku pon x tau. Kulit tebakar kot. Apparently i have this skin disease since i was a little kid. As i grew older it became worst. So now i am(i have to be) an extremely patient, optimistic, strong, independent woman just to stay alive.cewah...just to fight this disease and survive. i know i can! yes you can! bob the builder....can we fix it?! bob the builder...yes we can! it's a 24/7 treatment, kinda, and i can skip uitm for about two weeks.hahaha. Btw, korang2 kat Melaka 2 hati2 dgn H1N1 ye. tata;)