Thursday, December 24, 2009

Talk about awesomeness!

The movie Avatar my friend, is definitely the best movie of 2009! Screw New Moon! Avatar, directed by James Cameron(remember Titanic?) is visually stunning it will blow you away. I'm telling no lies here as I already watched the movie at IMAX. Though it's not in 3D, the massively huge screen at the cinema was good enough for me. The screen was like, "WOW! holy crap that was huge!" sorta-expression. I do believe watching it in 3D is a lot better. After all, Avatar is a much watch! Don't worry, the lead actor is an eye-catcher and I dare say that after you watch this movie, you will be smiling all the way and tell everyone to watch it too!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Beatlemania: Wish I could if I would

The Beatles, what a band. One of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music. Consist of John Lennon(genius number 1), Paul McCartney(genius number 2), George Harrison(genius number 3), and Ringo Starr(genius number 4; also my favourite<3).

To make the story straight I am officially obsessed with these fellas. Love the music, the guys, the suit, the hair(haha), the Ringo!, the perfect combination of Lennon and McCartney of song-writing and composing make The Beatles a pure genius. A perfect example of their geniuses can be seen in their album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Simply my favourite album, with brilliant creativity and sense of humour added inside the album. Plus, a very iconic album cover. It is impossible to hate The Beatles.

60's music are not dead, they'll last forever!

Auwww Ringo! hahahahaXD

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let It Be

I haven't been updating the blog since like forever. I kinda miss it so here I am writing...

Results are out, I did well, alhamdulillah. I can't be any happier and thankful to my friends/classmates. We did most work was fun and worth it. While parents...they never set a high expectation on me which I'm really glad because after all of this success are for them:). Thanks mak ayah. And of course, Allah the almighty. Thanks for the guidance you gave me.

So the hot topic; DEGREE APPLICATION! As usual my batch are always the guniea pig (remember maths and science in English?, co-curricullum until part 3?). Back to the main topic, this programme, held by UiTM for the first time (of course= =") are seemingly worth taken. When choices are given, dilemma takes over- Do we have enough experience? Is it going to be hard? Am I going to regret this one day? Can I just kill someone who actually came up with this idea and give us hard time thinking whether it is actually worth it?! Okay the last one was pretty harsh.
Anyway after seeking for parents/siblings/friends/seniors/anyonewhoswillingtohelp advice and point of view. I'd say...I'll give it a shot. In the end we all going to be on the same path:Diploma-Degree. One of the thing that I agree about this programme is how much time can be save; earlier graduation, hopefully in God's will faster/better job application and why not pursuing studies in Masters. Heck, age is not a factor doesn't it?

Decision was made. God knows what's gonna happen. In life, nothing comes easy so bring it on!!!!

Ya Allah please give strength to accept fate, overcome life obstacles, pressure and all the things that human being are destinied to go through. Give me light, guidance and hopefully I'll become a better person as your servant ya Allah. Amin...