Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hard work pays off. True story.

This morning I had a MUET test. Must I say that the reading test was so hard! Alas, everything went well. Leaving that aside, I would like to give credit to everyone who were involved in this earlier:

Though we have no infinite experience on doing animation or that kind of stuff, we showed to everyone that we can do something that we never thought we could. Apart from being through many obstacles in and outside team, everything went as planned and I can say that everyone tried their hardest and were fully satisfied with their works. Though I have to apologize because I have no pictures from the exhibition to show to you guys. I'll find some later. But mostly, I would like to thank my wonderful lecturer Mr Firdaus Khalid who have been so patient and supportive. He is an one awesome guy, and have the most adorable laugh. Ever. 
Yada, yada, I am happy that we actually did this. It was a great experience for me as well as for everyone. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

That Indian action- saw it on TV today.

Remember this?

Guess what? my dad turned on TV2 today and I instantly recognized the movie Robot. Guess what? I watched the whole thing with my dad, mom, and my brother. Guess what? We laugh a lot throughout the movie cuz it's tad ridiculous. Still, the CGI was impressive. At least we had great fun as a family today. Really great fun. 

When your legs hurt and you just don't care

    I just got out from a refreshing late shower which is not good for anyone's health but its refreshing. The reason why I took a bath at 2 am is because I just got back from Twin Towers @live. What a night and I'm so tired as hell. My legs hurt so bad now but I feel like writing so here I am. The concert don't start not until 8:30pm so since 6:00pm there's this dancing show-off battle thingy and free giveaways that lasted until after 8. You see, the crowd was already tired of waiting but thankfully Yuna started to perform. As expected, she was brilliant, God her voice was magical though I could not help but wonder what on earth was she wearing. After that The Azenders performed. Apparently The Azenders vocalist happens to be that guy Sam from Bunkface. The band songs are pretty decent. Definitely worth listening to. They does not sound that much similar to Bunkface except the vocalist's voice. Better yet, both The Azenders and Bunkface performed well. I enjoyed it so much when Bunkface did the cover of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream with Sam playfully rocking a Katy Perry-like look.

   The crowd started to go crazier when Korean wonder women Wonder Girls came out on stage. Though I'm not really a K-pop fanatic, I do know some of WG songs like So Hot, Two Different Tears and duhh...Nobody. They did perform those songs and a couple of ballads and of course, ended their performance with a bang by singing their super hit Nobody. I can't help myself but to declare the girls as adorable. I mean, they communicated with the crowd so well and never forgot to thank us for coming, they spoke some Malay and they did speak English very well. Oh, they even thought us how to do the Nobody dance! It was cool!

   After WG, Hoobastank will perform which was also the main reason why I went to this concert (apart from its free). The sound check lasted for few long minutes and the crowd were entertained by this DJ guy with a blast of dancing numbers. Time passed by and Hoobastank came rocking the stage. They started off with some familiar numbers and sang some of their newest songs. They continued to sing another 34625636134719532 songs which I'm not really familiar with and by that time my legs were falling apart. God it hurts so bad. By time The Reason started to play, all the pain just went away. We were singing our hearts out, chanting every words and just had our fun. Hoobastank ended their performance with my favourite number; Crawling In The Dark. I have to say the finale was pretty rad, there were fireworks blasting the sky with their beautiful colours. I have never seen fireworks that close in my entire life. It was absolutely a stunning sight and of course, unforgettable.

   All in all, the concert was alright. Though the waiting and stalling really sucks. I hope next time Petronas will bring more artists if there will be another event like this. I dunno, maybe Paramore...or Muse...Linkin Park for instance...or maybe Paramore...who knows? Just so you know I'm not the kind of person who go to every single concert exists. In fact, this was only my third concert after Paramore and Raihan+In Team+other nasyid groups (this is for real I was 12 and the ticket cost only RM10).

Okay, sleepy time!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Okay so here's the thing, I haven't been watching any movies on cinema lately (not saying that I'm rich lol) but now I'm aching to watch one. The last movie I watched was Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. So next in my movie list issss HOP! I saw the trailer on TV few days ago and BAM! James Marsden came out and I was like AHHHHHHH! HOLY S-! Did I mention that Mr Marsden here is the most perfect human being on earth? I mean he can act, he can sing (brilliantly as well, his voice is just...*dead), he can dance, he has gorgeous blue eyes, he has pretty smile, he is so freaking handsome, he is HOT and he is also one of my very first celebrity crush. Haha lol girls' talk. Whatever it is, I'm gonna watch HOP just because James Marsden is in it. Nuff' said. ....and because this is the first time I've ever seen a rabbit playing drums...and also because it looks fun to me...and because James Marsden is in it ;)

Hello, hnnnngg 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sexy Hayley Williams please come here and live in my pocket NOW

Definitely buying this. HOT HOT HOT

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello :)

Sup ya'll. Just updating my blog since the house's internet is finally working. Though I'm still fed up by Adobe in my laptop, I can't open any of them; Illustrator, Photoshop, none. There seems to be a problem with its registration or whatever. I had to download the trial version just to get my loads of work done. That aside, I have MUET examination this Monday. I don't study or practice a thing as if I'm super good in English which I'm not so we'll see what will happen. So yeah, back to work peeps.