Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double the fun

Here is what happened for the past few days;

Monday: Nothing interesting.

Tuesday: Went to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows premiere! In 3D! It was amazing, the movie, the crowd, also the fact that I got the tickets for free! But the movie, wow, I absolutely love it. It was a thrill ride, and the acting are exceptionally brilliant, not just Daniel (Harry), Rupert (Ron) and Emma (Hermione) but all of them especially Alan Rickman (Prof Snape). As a fan since ten years ago it was an emotional yet satisfying experience. An epic conclusion indeed.

We played dress up, being ourselves and just had so much fun.

Wednesday: I have been an Arsenal fan since I was 12 and guess what? As I am writing this I just witnessed one the most glorifying moment of my life, watching my favourite team plays against my national team. Not a fan of local football (just being honest) I surely put my money on Arsenal to win the match. And they did by beating Malaysia four goals to nil. Had an awesome night, definitely going to remember it for as long as I live. Oh, and Aaron Ramsey, you sexy beast played so well tonight. Also Ryo Miyachi the new signing really caught my attention. He was brilliant. The whole team were amazing. As for Malaysia, I have my highest respect for Kunalan for him being the only Malaysian player that functioned perfectly well. Praise for Malaysia for putting up a good fight though.

My brother. 

Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday: God knows.

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